Category: Seafood

Healthy squid stir fry

Squid Stir Fry With Vegetables and Rice

Thai inspired squid stir fry with superfoods spinach and bok choy and bell peppers. Served with rice and a side salad.

By Superfoodmania

Healthy coconut prawn curry

Healthy Coconut Prawn Curry With Vegetables

Quick and easy thai prawn curry with vegetables. Served with a small bowl of rice and a side salad.

By Superfoodmania

Baked sea bass with a noodle salad

Steamed Sea Bass Served With a Superfood Noodle Salad

Steamed sea bass with a spicy and fragrant coating. Served with a healthy warm noodle and vegetable salad.

By Superfoodmania

Peppered Tuna Steak With Noodles

Peppered Tuna Steak With a Miso and Ginger Topping Served With Noodles

Peppered tuna steak with a miso and ginger topping served with a warm and zingy buckwheat noodle salad with vegetables.

By Superfoodmania

Raw vegetable seaweed wraps

Raw Healthy Vegetable Seaweed Wraps

Raw vegetable seaweed wrap with cabbage, zucchini, carrots and avocado. Serve with a sweet and sour dipping sauce.

By Superfoodmania

Grilled shrimp salad with endive salad

Roasted Shrimp Served With a Baked Potato & Chicory Salad

Roasted garlic king prawns, served with a small baked potato and chicory, lambs lettuce and roasted bell pepper salad.

By Superfoodmania

superfood seaweed rolls

Salmon and Raw Vegetable Seaweed Wrap

By Superfoodmania