Top 7 Superfoods for Great Skin

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There are several superfoods that can be described as skin-perfecting as they contain special anti-aging and healing constituents that support the structure, moisture and anti-inflammatory abilities of the body.

If you want your skin to appear supple, blemish-free, toned and smooth then try consuming the following skin-friendly superfoods.

1. Dandelion Greens

Dandelion leaves can be brewed as a tea, put into a soup or eaten steamed or raw. They are rich in enzymes that can help clean toxins from the liver and the kidneys. This in turn reduces the inflammation associated with skin issues such as ruddiness, black outs and a dull complexion.

2. Melons

Melons of all kinds, including cantaloupes and watermelons, are extremely healing for the skin because they help speed up a sluggish constitution. They are also very rich in Vitamins A and C that can help assist the body absorb betacarotene that fights inflammation. Melons are also a source of potassium and pure water which helps your skin retain water so that it looks plumper and younger.

3. Millet

Millet is very rich in a mineral called silicon that improves the structural cells and helps them fight the kind of free radical damage that causes wrinkling and aging. Foods with silicon in them are also vital for healthy hair, teeth, eyes and nails.

4. Oily Fish

Oily fish have Vitamin E and omega 3 acids that help cleanse the arteries, sweep away toxins from the blood stream and fight inflammation. Fish that fall into this category include herring, anchovies, carp, catfish, mackerel, trout, whitefish and sardines.

If you don’t eat a lot of fish, it is possible to take fish oil or omega 3 capsules or supplements. It is highly recommend to always take  high quality omega 3 fish oil supplements that has been filtered for mercury contamination and do not contain fillers or hydrogenated fats.


5. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain Omega-3 acids that help nourish the skins as well as high amounts of healing zinc that can help repair it. Toasted pumpkin seeds can be eaten as a snack or ground up with bread crumbs and nuts to make a coating for fish or chicken. They can also easily be added to smoothies.

6. Strawberries

Strawberries are high in iron and a mild diuretic. They help cleanse your system so that it runs smoothly and you are less likely to break out. They also contain high amounts of Vitamin C. Eat them raw without sugar or dairy to see the fastest results.

7. Watercress

Watercress is full of vitamins A and C and it has a bitter carminative quality that is good for the digestion and that helps cleanse and heal the liver. It acts like a powerful antibiotic that helps prevent breakouts.


Other nature methods to get younger looking skin include facial exercises  and drinking 6-8 glasses of filtered water a day.



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