The Top Superfoods for Immunity

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According to Dr. Oz and other celebrity nutrition experts there are some foods that are far superior to others when it comes to their immune boosting properties.

1. Tahini

Tahini, also known as sesame butter, is made from sesame seeds that have been ground into a paste. Tahini provides four nutrients that support immune health including selenium, copper, iron and zinc. These nutrients are in the correct synchronistic proportions in this food to help white blood cells destroy germs. Adding a bit of tahini to chicken noodle soup is a real cold and flu fighter. Tahini is very nutritious when served as a dip with red bell strips that are full of Vitamin C.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that gives curries its yellow color. It also contains curcumin, which is a powerful destroyer of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Turmeric has shows promise when it comes to fighting cancer, tumor growth, chemotherapy fight effects and sepsis. It is quite tasteless and therefore can be sprinkled or added onto any food including ones that you would not expect would compliment the spice such as oatmeal, smoothies, cocoa, baked goods, stirfries, soups, stews and roasts.

To add a more concentrated does of tumeric into your diet, supplements are available. Superfood Mania recommends tumeric supplements that are organic in nature, and do not contain fillers, binders, hydrogenated fats or animal products. For a high quality tumeric supplements or tablets click here or see the details below.

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3. Oregano and Black Pepper

A combination of black pepper and oregano releases essential oils into the body that is excellent for fighting off parasites, bugs, fungi, bacteria and viruses. The oils released from these spices are carminatives and stimulants that also improve digestion. These two common spices are even more powerful when eaten together and go well in soups, tomato sauces and as seasoning on steaks, chicken and ground turkey dishes. Oregano and cracked black pepper can also be added savory tomato drinks and green smoothies to enhance the immune system. Oregano and black pepper can also be added to watermelon-based drinks to give them a bit of a complimentary savory kick.

4. Ginger, Chili and Oyster Sauce

A Dr. Oz recommendation is to make a sauce out of ginger, chilis and oyster sauce and add it to meat glazes, soups and stir fries. Ginger and chilis contain sequiterpenes, which are natural consituents that fight rhinoviruses, fevers and infection. Both chilis and ginger go nicely with oyster sauce, that contains sodium, potassium and zinc, and that acts as a flavorful carrier for ginger and chili. One recommendation is to marinate chicken with these ingredients and a touch of honey and lemon for a nutritionally supercharged, immunity-boosting dinner.


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